Frequently asked questions

The place for everything you ever wanted to know, but never dared to ask. If there are still questions that remain unanswered: please don’t hesitate to contact us!



Can I be sure that both my payment and personal information is safe?
Yes, Yunit Studio guarantees that all your information is absolutely safe. Your information will only be used for delivering your package at the right address. We will not sell it to slick guys in suits and mysterious sunglasses. Pinkie promise.


What is the order number of my invoice?
The 9-digit order number can be found on the top of the invoice.


Which payment methods can I use?
Payments can be made using iDEAL, credit card or Paypal.



How will my package be delivered?
Your package will be send within 2 days after we receive your payment.


What are the delivery costs when I order online?
Yunit Studio charges 3,95 for shipments within the Netherlands, if you would like to receive more information about price details regarding shipping to other counties please contact


How long does it take to get my delivery?
Within 3 working days you will have a nicely wrapped package delivered to your home.


I live in a foreign country, but I really want a t-shirt! Can Yunit Studio deliver here as well?
Of course that is possible! There might be some additional shipment costs to get the package where you want to have it.


How can I return my purchase?
Within 7 days after receiving your package you can return it. We only accept clothes which are not damaged, washed and haven’t been worn. The hangtag must be attached to the label. These are reasonable conditions, don’t you think agree?

Would you please make sure you mention the reason for returning, invoice number and bank details in order for us to return your money. We do not reimburse the costs for the return shipment.

Return address:
Yunit Studio
Lansinkweg 3
7553 AG  Hengelo
The Netherlands


And some other stuff…

Could you describe Yunit Studio’s social responsibility?
We work with small production houses which we personally selected. These production houses are selected because they highly value the staff and their working environment. We can guarantee they are paid a good wage and their children are in school.


And what about environmental responsibility?
Yunit Studio works as much as possible with organic cotton. We always discuss with our supplier what the best possibilities are to produce and transport in a sustainable way. You can find more information about this subject in our Weekly.


How do I choose the right size unisex clothing?
Well… It would be best to use the calculation below. X is body width and Y is body height.

(X*8,55)/ √(Y-3)=

Or you can just order the size you would normally wear. We highly recommend you to choose the size you feel best in; whether that is a size M or XL.


How do I wash my t-shirts?
You will find washing instructions in the label of the t-shirts. Of course it is possible to wash on a lower temperature; which is better for the environment!


How often is the collection restocked with new models and colours?
Yunit Studio has an ongoing collection. This means that a t-shirt only goes out of stock, when it is really out of stock - and not just because the weather changed. This means we don’t use a standard of four collections a year. You can find our newest development on our Weekly, Facebook or Instagram.


I don’t see my size for the product I want, what now?
Unfortunately, there is a big chance this product is sold out. But… try your luck and give us a call on +31627078055. Sometimes we might have some extra stock in the office.