For people with thoughts, feelings and a beating heart.

We are Yunit. We make T-shirts. That’s it. Or, that is supposed to be it. But in this highly categorized and marketed world that is not enough. You need a flashy brand story, a defined target audience and the likes. We decided to do things different.

We make T-Shirts for people. All kinds of people. Not just the ones with 31K followers on Instagram, or the ones who strut the red carpet on a weekly basis. No, we make T-Shirts for the kind of people who forget to water their plants. People who can never find a matching pair of socks in the morning (but don't really care either). People who have their best ideas in the shower. People who have funny dreams. People that miss their bus stop because they are fantasizing about their next big adventure. People who collect hobbies as a hobby. People with blond, brown or pink hair. People who love music. People who tell themselves they will workout tomorrow. People who stay out at a friends party too late. Or leave really early to watch the latest episode of Narcos. People who care. People like you. 



James Dean knew it. Steve Jobs knew it. Hell, even Pamela Anderson knew it. A T-shirt suits you no matter what. Whether you’re street racing or modern-day inventing (or just looking really really hot); a great fitted T-shirt will do the trick. That is why we make T-shirts for everyone, suitable for every occasion at any time.

The Yunit T-shirt collection is universal and suitable for every human being. Our regular model has twisted seams on the side, a diagonal fabric cut and subtle finishing. Future classics with a twist. Yunit tees are made as sustainable as possible and under fair conditions. But we don’t want to bore you with technicalities (unless this makes your heart tick? Then click here!), we just want you to enjoy our stuff. Because once these T-shirts find their way to your closet, they feel like a second skin. Kind of like ‘The ‘Emperors New Clothes’ but the other way around.

High quality yunisex basics, made to fit each and everyone of us.