James Dean knew it. Steve Jobs knew it. Hell, even Pamela Anderson knew it. A T-shirt suits you no matter what. Whether you’re street racing or modern- day inventing (or just looking really really hot); a great fitted T-shirt will do the trick. That is why we make T-shirts for everyone, suitable for every occasion at any time.

Meanwhile we expended the collection with longsleeves, sweaters, dresses and pants as well. The Yunit collection is universal and suitable for every human being. We design future classics with a twist. Yunit is produced under fair conditions and all items are made as sustainable as possible. But we don’t want to bore you with technicalities, we just want you to enjoy our stuff.

High quality yunisex basics, made to fit each and everyone of us. 



Josine Castelein is founder of Yunit and professional human being since 1987. Besides making T-shirts and marvelous coffee she is also a creative designer with a love for all things aesthetic. Need some help with shaping the thought balloons above your head? She is the human for the job.